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Claudio Sierra integrates Scientific Committee of the Equality Project Balance

Publicada em: 2016-02-05

Claudio Sierra integrates Scientific Committee of the Equality Project Balance
A pilot project that created a tool to assess the legislative, from the gender perspective

Claudio Sierra, expert on Gender Equality, Member of the College of Experts on Gender Equality and member of the Assembly of the College of Representatives Solicitors professionals at Braga District was invited to join the Scientific Committee of the Equality Balance Project, an initiative promoted by Associação de familias, with the support of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality and the EEA GRANTS Program.
The EQUALITY BALANCE Project aims to "create a horizontal instrument - and subsequently a practical guide - to all sectors of economic activity, in order to assess legislative measures to promote gender equality." The instrument to create "will be tested on a sample of NGO's, representing different sectors of activity, of Braga, although it can be used in any organization / entity, regardless of the economic activity sector, legal or region where it is located "said Claudio Serra.
The draft legislation is a crucial element of public administration. In this sense, according to Claudio Sierra "to integrate effectively the gender perspective in drafted legislation, it is necessary to take concerted action in this field, noting, for example, it is considered the starting situation of women and men, on the subject of legislative action. " For example, "in the preparation of a legislative measure on the unemployment benefit is important to understand, among other dimensions, the starting situation of women and men, for that measure to create will, in fact, to promote equality and not perpetuate unequal situations.
"In this context, the project Equality Balance, apart from building a horizontal instrument that will assess the gender impact of various legislative measures will create a guide, which will be" a facilitator of how to prepare preliminary assessments of the gender impact and how they incorporate measures to eliminate inequalities and promote equality between women and men. "
"I am convinced that the guide and the instrument integrated it will contribute to a greater presence of equality between women and men in legislation drafting and subsequently on the actions of our government, in which no doubt will be reflected in an improvement of public intervention, a systematic way "ended Claudio Serra


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