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Equality Balance Project articulates with NGOs in the District of Braga, in the development of pilot

Publicada em: 2015-12-17

NGOs are nonprofit associations that spontaneously organize to perform certain type of activity whose character is of public interest. These organizations develop actions in different areas and mobilize public opinion and popular support to improve certain aspects of society. For this reason NGOs have a crucial role in incorporating the principle of gender equality. "Besides the V PNI stresses as a strategic area the NGOs, and it is the first time that these entities are included in the implementation of a PNI" said Benedicta Aguiar, coordinator of the initiative.
The EQUALITY BALANCE Project developed with the support of a scientific committee that consists of academics from various fields, a cross-cutting instrument to all sectors of economic activity, which will assess legislative measures to promote gender equality. The instrument is currently being tested in a sample of 10 NGO's, representing different sectors of activity, from district of Braga, although it can be used in any organization / entity, regardless of the economic activity sector, legal status or region it is located.
After application and validation of the instrument it will be awarded and published a practical guide on the methodology adopted. This project has several national partner organizations and an international partnership, specifically the ID NORWAY, a Norwegian organization with extensive experience in design and project management. Next January the Equality Balance project will participate in the International Workshop organized by the IGC, as PT07 Program Operator. This event will take place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.


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